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Unser Technologiepartner in automatisierter Übersetzungsdienstleistung

DeepL SE mit Hauptsitz in Köln als maschinengestützter Übersetzungsdienstleister

Über integrierte Schnittstellen (APIs) übersetzt DeepL machinell und vollautomatisch Texte mit Hilfe von künstlicher Intelligenz in unzählige Sprachen. Scopewire nutzt diesen Service zur dynamischen Übersetzung von Bewegungsdaten, sowie zur Übersetzung der Software in alle europäische Sprachen.

Our partner for education and training: Herkules Business Training

Herkules Business Training is your training partner for targeted IT and office training.

Meet the current compliance requirements, such as the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act and the Whistleblower Protection Act, through customized employee training. Our partnership with Herkules Business Training allows you to take advantage of customized training that not only meets legal requirements, but also trains managers and employees on a personal level. We focus on your needs, because your development is important to us.


As a Leading Digital Transformation Partner, CANCOM has been accompanying companies, organizations and the public sector into the digital future for around 30 years. We are one of the leading hybrid IT service providers in the DACH region with more than 4,000 employees at around 60 locations in Germany, Europe and the USA. You will find our service on the CANCOM Cloud Marketplace.

AEP Solutions GmbH

AEP Solutions GmbH from Darmstadt is a provider of planning and control systems. In addition to the development and distribution of software for A(dvanced) E(nterprise) P(lanning) and Business Intelligence, we offer consulting on process optimization, risk analysis and organizational development as well as on general business and production problems. In some cases, companies do not yet understand that the EU’s regulatory reporting requirements are not limited to historical data.Together with AEP Solutions GmbH, we develop concrete goals, plans and measures for sustainability issues, which requires anchoring in the strategic and operational planning processes. Until now, there was a lack of software systems that could efficiently and completely merge the data, methods and functions from ESG, ERP, financial performance, HR and (carbon) accounting systems into a single overall planning model without media discontinuity.


Knowledge. Act. Communicate: This is the maxim of agenda.N’s sustainability consulting. The consulting firm specializes in supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in their transformation to a sustainable company. Whether in the form of workshops, advisory process support or as a partner in sustainability communication. One focus of agenda.N is strategic consulting around non-financial reporting along the supply chain.


SUSTAINact provides workshops, coaching and consulting services to help companies design, strategize and implement their sustainability initiatives.

Special focus is placed on the introduction of the Supply Chain Sourcing Obligations Act and the preparation of the Sustainability Report. Gladly also with the support of the digital cloud solutions Scopewire Supply Chain and Scopewire Sustainability.

Another focus is the Sustainable Business Development approach. In doing so, SUSTAINact helps companies to make their business development more sustainable. Sustainability begins with the creation of the product or service portfolio and continues with the selection of the appropriate sales channels, the sales-promoting incentive programs and the accompanying marketing measures. Sustainable Business Development helps to meet compliance requirements and also to achieve competitive advantages in the medium and long term.

iD integrierte Dienste gGmbH

The iD gGmbH, the “integrated services” with headquarters in Offenburg, offers with your IT services services and products around the topic of digitization, blockchain, software development, as well as the subject area of barrier freedom. With its consultants and developers, it digitizes interfaces and reduces media discontinuities in all IT disciplines. Due to its expertise in numerous IT systems and data flow analyses, iD also provides support services for the BIXpert Suite as a partner of Scopewire.

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