Our sustainability strategy

Our sustainability strategy

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Our sustainability strategy and social responsibility

Shared responsibility for our environment and coexistence

Responsible and sustainable thinking is an integral part of Scopewire’s corporate strategy.

Responsible and sustainable thinking and entrepreneurial action are an integral part of our corporate strategy. We continuously improve climate and environmental precautions in our CIP approach (Continuous Improvement Process), maintain responsible and fair dealings with our employees and are involved in social projects as a company. We are convinced that we have an obligation to create added value for customers, employees and our investors and to live up to our responsibility towards the environment, people and society.

In addition to the German government’s 17 sustainability goals, we place particular emphasis on the following:

Decent work and economic growth

We plan to achieve a higher level of economic productivity with greater inclusion of women, as well as the incorporation of international resources into our economic system. In doing so, we are committed to decoupling economic performance and prosperity from resource consumption.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

We are committed to promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization. Our goal: to modernize infrastructures and retrofit industries to make them sustainable. The key here: expanding information and communication technologies and supporting innovation.

Sustainable consumption and production

We are committed to using natural resources sustainably and efficiently. Waste is avoided or recycled. We give preference in procurement to suppliers who can provide us with sustainable products and transparently comply with the German government’s Supply Chain Act.

Climate protection measures

We want to help emerging and developing countries achieve their climate targets by 2025 and support increased ambition in climate protection. An important tool here is to create transparency by means of data analysis. Furthermore, we support our home industry in implementing lower-emission production environments. Prerequisite for this: an evidenced data base across different systems, automation of sustainability reporting and consistent application of technological capabilities (AI based) for “what if scenarios”.

Partnerships to achieve the goals

We intend to establish international and national development partnerships with private companies. In association with other companies from overlapping industries, we will jointly develop and offer solutions for achieving sustainability goals.

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