BIXpert Studio

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Consolidate and visualize data effortlessly with the powerful BIXpert Data Suite

BIXpert Studio

Our studio allows you to create and use reports, dashboards, documents, Excel spreadsheets and much more.

With our BIXpert Studio, the heart of the Data Suite, you can create queries and SQL statements, define reports and manage your document repository as an administrator or user with appropriate authorization. The studio offers a wealth of other features and we are available to demonstrate them.

With the BIXpert Viewer, the reduced version of the Studio, end users have the possibility to consume all dashboards and reports with appropriate authorization, but without being able to create or edit them.

Numerous interfaces

Databases, social media and co.

Want to take your business to the next level by optimizing your data analytics to gain valuable insights? Then use BIXpert – the Data Studio, which can be connected to a variety of external systems through its standardized interfaces.

With BIXpert, you can, for example, analyze your customer relationship management or sales reporting and relate it to keywords on Twitter. This allows you to quickly and easily determine what topics your customers are engaging with online and how that affects your business.

But also the evaluation and comparison of your older systems with key figures from the ERP system is no problem with BIXpert. For example, you can monitor and specifically optimize the success of your marketing campaigns or the efficiency of your production processes.

Use BIXpert and benefit from a comprehensive Data Studio that not only enables you to perform fast and precise analyses, but also forms the basis for strategic decisions.

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