BIXpert Viewer

BIXpert Viewer

The Viewer gives you quick and easy access to reports, dashboards, documents, Excel files, and more without having to create content yourself.

BIXpert Viewer gives you quick and easy access to reports, dashboards, documents, Excel files and much more without having to create content yourself. It provides you with all relevant information directly for analysis and use, saving valuable time and energy and helping you make better decisions.

Our BIXpert Viewer is a classic Windows application that provides you with role- and user-controlled evaluation of preconfigured reports and dashboards created at runtime. It provides a user-friendly, stripped-down version of BIXpert Studio, with no modification or design features. With BIXpert Viewer, you get quick and easy access to the critical information you need to make informed decisions – without the hassle of creating your own content. This saves you valuable time and lets you focus on what’s important.

With numerous functions and data drill-downs, you always maintain the perfect overview and can get a direct overview thanks to tabular display formats and countless graphical elements. As a BIXpert Viewer user, you can access and interactively use published visualizations and dashboards – but not create your own content. Of course, you can grant individual permissions for your users to access published content, interactions, filters and much more. This way, you and your employees always have access to the relevant data and information to make better decisions – quickly, easily and reliably.

Experience the freedom and flexibility of accessing your BIXpert data anytime, anywhere – now also available on the web! With our SmartLinks you can use and publish your data mobile and uncomplicated. Whether on the web or on your smartphone, the intuitive operation and comprehensive functions are always maintained. Never miss important information again and always be up-to-date – with BIXpert in WebViewer.

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