About Scopewire

About Scopewire

Your partner for data management and sustainability

“Good information is hard to come by. It is even harder to do something with it.”

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Scopewire Data GmbH is an internationally operating software manufacturer and cloud service solution provider. We are an international, committed, innovative and focused team with a lot of fun in new technologies and ambitious challenges. With our expertise and our Serviced Data Cloud, we offer our customers the best solutions to achieve the holistic requirements related to the supply chain and sustainability. We ensure that our processes and services meet the highest quality standards by being ISO 9001:2015 certified.

How we live sustainability

Scopewire’s corporate culture begins in the heart of each employee, forming individual values and a community identity. We are grateful for our privileges and take action to have a positive impact on the environment and society. Our social responsibility and care are not just for our employees and fellow human beings, but also for our planet. Commitment and transparency are our top priorities. We are doing our part by choosing an office location that runs on 100% renewable energy. We reduce our travel to a minimum and try to limit paper consumption to only what is necessary. Did you know that each printed page requires 260 ml of water, 5g of CO2 and 15g of wood? We want to save as many resources as possible, such as CO2, water and trees, by sending as many documents as possible via our electronic signature function.

With our behaviour, we also want to inspire others and invite them to walk this path together with us.

Together with our partners and customers, we stand for a green economy

We help companies to digitalise, automate and optimise their processes, regardless of the sector. With our solution, we support you in identifying your carbon footprint, taking action yourself and thus ensuring a green economy and a better future.

Sustainable and green

Scopewire attaches great importance to sustainable management and emission reduction.


Scopewire is a young, committed and international team.


In line with the United Nations, we promote equality and diversity in our company.


Under the banner of “Participation for All”, we include people with disabilities in our operations wherever possible.

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